Cookie Policy

Cookies: How We Keep Track of Things

Ever wondered how websites like ours remember your choices and create a more seamless experience? To accomplish this, we use technology such as cookies and beacons. Here's what you need know without the jargon:

  • Browser Cookies: Think of cookies as small files that your computer saves whenever you visit our website. They assist our website in recognizing your device, allowing it to function more efficiently. You can change your browser settings to block or alert you to these cookies if you like, but this may impact how our site works.
  • Flash Cookies: Some of our features use "flash cookies" to save your settings and track your activity on our website. They vary from conventional browser cookies, thus managing them necessitates a visit to Adobe's settings page.
  • Web Beacons: These are invisible monitoring pixels that allow us to monitor how many individuals visit our websites or read our emails. They help us enhance our website and better understand your interests.
  • Analytics Services: We also use services such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to learn how visitors use our website. They also employ cookies, but the goal is to improve our site for you.
  • How Long We Keep Cookies: We will keep these cookies for up to 25 months.

Your Choices

  • Cookie Settings: Visit our cookie settings page to learn about the many types of cookies we use and how to control them.
  • Marketing Communications: If you receive promotional emails from us, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of each email.
  • Behavioral Advertising: You can opt out of most third-party ad networks that may be tracking you.
  • Telemarketing: If we ever call you, you can opt out of telemarketing by requesting to be removed from our list.
  • Cloaking Your Identity: If you use ProfNet Experts, you can choose to remain anonymous when dealing with experts and company officers.
  • Update Your Info: You can change, edit, or remove your information at any time by visiting the service's registration page or sending an email to

We are here to make your online experience as enjoyable as possible, and we respect your privacy preferences.