Revolutionizing Public Relations: How IBN's AI Technology is Changing the Game

Welcome to International Broadcasting Networks (IBN), where the future of public relations is being reshaped through groundbreaking AI technology. At IBN, we are committed to providing a platform that is not just reliable but also revolutionary in its approach to communication and networking.


The New Era of Brand Identity: Communication at its Core

Nowadays, effective communication is crucial in the ever-changing world of modern branding. In today's world, the way a brand communicates—no longer just what it says—is crucial to its identity. International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) is a lynchpin in this shift, having pioneered new approaches to corporate and nonprofit organization communication.


Superior Distribution System

Reporters, opinion leaders, and news organizations all around the world rely on IBN's distribution service because of its impressive reach and strength. What distinguishes us is this:

Your story will be accessible to a wide variety of media professionals thanks to our network's extensive reach, which includes over 100,000 newsrooms.

Wide-Reaching Connections Right at Your Fingertips

IBN's extensive contact and social media profile database makes it easier than ever to find and connect with the right people:

IBN's huge database of over 850,000 contacts makes it possible to identify the ideal match for your message among the several media outreach solutions provided by the company.


Design and Customize Your Press Release

Manage and Enhance Your Brand's Reputation & Make it Better

In today's world, what people everywhere think and say about your brand can really affect your business. IBN brings together a huge network for monitoring (with over 100 million sources in more than 190 countries and 96 languages) and our team of worldwide industry pros. We give you the insights you need to understand and shape your story in the complex world of media today.

We're Here for You!

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