IBN CORP LIMITED is a company that focuses on creating innovative projects with innovative business models. The business scope of the group involves: real estate development, construction engineering, international trade, building materials mall and so on.

The business scope covers the whole world, with Southeast Asia as the core of the global strategic layout, and several branch offices in China, Singapore and Malaysia. At present, the Group's core projects include the Kempinski Hotel in Malaysia, the Ocean Travel Resort Island project in Kuantan, Malaysia, the BUMICO China Building Materials City Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the "Genting No. 1" project.

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Culture is the embodiment of a company's overall strength. It is a reflection of a company's level of civilization, and it is also a source of the product conversion from knowledge to the final product. Since the establishment of the company for more than a decade, it has form a business culture. Under the new situation, new tasks, and new challenges, in order to win in this competitive market, we must make the company bigger and stronger, and achieve the leap-forward development of an enterprise, which requires us to cultivate an advanced corporate culture, actively promote the strategy of a strong cultural enterprise, and create a development environment and a spiritual outlook of having an enterprise with enthusiasm, quality and reputation, upright leaders, and rustic employees".