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IBN Corp is consist of a team of construction and development companies located in China, Malaysia and Singapore known as Fujian Province Mingcheng Construction (Group) Co., Ltd, Ming Cheng Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd, Da Rui Construction Co., Ltd, Quan Xin Labour Agency Co., Ltd, Pin Zheng Labour Agency Co., Ltd, Zhong Rui Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd, Ming Du Water Resources and Ming Du Municipal Co., Ltd, ZRPZ Holdings Berhad, Pin Zheng Construction (International) Sdn Bhd, BumiCo Sdn Bhd. It is certified and authorized as the qualified Top Grade General Contractor to take building construction works, foundation works, historic building works, fire protection works and the design & build of the building renovation works, and the design & build of the building renovation works. A medium-sized building construction company with first-class contracted construction capabilities such as engineering design and construction integration.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "guaranteeing quality, ensuring safety, promoting the higher degree, and striving for the first". In the construction of various projects, it strictly adheres to the management principle of "scientific management, law-abiding management, customer satisfaction, and excellence". With strict organization and international standard management, each engineering project can complete the construction according to the contractual requirements of quality and timeline, and it has been recognized and commended by the owners and relevant construction administrative departments. Our vision is the company to continue striving for the goal of "supporting pillars, planning, creating brands, and image building", by shaping the company into an industry branded with the best products, the best services to the market, it implements brand strategy, maintains the standard of industrial quality and strengthens the awareness of quality products to the clients.

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Culture is the embodiment of a company's overall strength. It is a reflection of a company's level of civilization, and it is also a source of the product conversion from knowledge to the final product. Since the establishment of the company for more than a decade, it has form a business culture. Under the new situation, new tasks, and new challenges, in order to win in this competitive market, we must make the company bigger and stronger, and achieve the leap-forward development of an enterprise, which requires us to cultivate an advanced corporate culture, actively promote the strategy of a strong cultural enterprise, and create a development environment and a spiritual outlook of having an enterprise with enthusiasm, quality and reputation, upright leaders, and rustic employees".