Company Culture

Culture is the embodiment of a company's overall strength. It is a reflection of a company's level of civilization, and it is also a source of the product conversion from knowledge to the final product. Since the establishment of the company for more than a decade, it has form a business culture. Under the new situation, new tasks, and new challenges, in order to win in this competitive market, we must make the company bigger and stronger, and achieve the leap-forward development of an enterprise, which requires us to cultivate an advanced corporate culture, actively promote the strategy of a strong cultural enterprise, and create a development environment and a spiritual outlook of "having an enterprise with enthusiasm, quality and reputation, upright leaders, and rustic employees".

In order to implement the concept of corporate culture, the company organizes various forms of cultural themed activities: such as quality development, skills competitions, charity activities, afforestation, and tourism inspection activities to help employees understand the connotation of corporate culture advocacy in order to increase the cohesion of the organization. We adhere to the combination of tradition and innovation and development, persist in innovation in inheritance, develop in innovation, in advancing with the times, and use advanced culture to influence, educate, and unite people. We vigorously promoted and commended the employees for excellence, strict management in the construction, enthusiasm for the development of the company, and displayed the spirit of the enterprise and received noticeable results. The result is that the "Ming Cheng, Zhong Rui" brand has been recognized by the society and formed the business philosophy and cultural concept with its own characteristics.

Limitless Options
Business Advantage

Over the years, the company has improved the internal management of the enterprise by strengthening the management system and establishing a good corporate culture; it has also improved the overall quality of the company.

By strengthening the enterprise management information system and the use of information resources; making sure the construction quality and safety management as followed; bringing out the integrity services of construction companies; achieving a good market reputation; by emphasizing the emotional management of employees; Enterprises should emancipate their minds, change their concepts, be diligent and honest, and establish an innovative collective.

Taking "concept innovation, mechanism innovation, technological innovation, and ideological and political innovation" as the guiding ideology and using technology as a strategic decision to accelerate the diversification of business operations. With continuous technological innovation, mastering core technologies, and taking service innovation as an opportunity, we are advancing with the times, seizing opportunities, and increasing our efforts to interface with the market, thus enhancing the corporate’s core competitiveness.