Honor & Recognitions

Over the past few years, all the staff have concentrated and maximized their abilities, forging ahead, the rapid development of enterprises has achieved remarkable results. In the past 3 years, the total output value of the construction industry was RMB 5.245 billion and the total tax payment in the last three years was RMB 220.09 million. Among them, the operating revenue in 2013 was RMB 660.16 million, the operating income in 2014 was RMB 1.3021 billion, and the 2015 operating income was RMB 1.5934 billion. In 2015, the output value of the province was RMB 1.5435 billion, and the total tax payment in 2015 was RMB 98.79 million.

The major project achievements in 2015 were as follows: Jinjiang District (Jinjing) First-phase Project of Appropriate and Low-cost Housing, Guangzhou Conghua Zhujiang International City Ci high-rise area first-phase project, Daejeon Dragon Garden City Plaza project, Zhongshan Haohao High-rise Building Project, Huizhou Hesheng Binhai City Phase II Area 2 District 3 District IV Project, Huizhou Bubble Sea Homeland Project (Phase 1) District 1), Fresh Evergrande Jinbi Tianxia 4th Villa Project, Zhujiang International City Conghua Business District Phase 1 Outlet Mall, Quangang Jiandong Commercial Building, Guangzhou Hengda Zhujiang New City Hotel, Evergrande Hainan Changjiang Qiziwan Bi, Block B-3, Guangzhou Conghua Zhuguang Royal Sky Lake, Huizhou Hopson Plaza, International Residential East Fifth Phase, East Six Phase Project, Huizhou Bubble Sea Home Phase I District II, Qingda Hengda Jinbi Tianxia Phase II High-level Project, Dehua County Gao Neikeng Domestic Waste Landfill Project, Nanjing County Stadium Project, Datian County Sports Culture Center Track and Field Project, Hui'an County Xichuan Sewage Pipeline Project, Huizhou Hesheng Times City One Two Three Engineering, Zhongshan Hengda Oasis parking building engineering, project completion 100% pass rate, good rate of more than 40%.

Over the past few years, the company has continued to grow and develop in a fierce market competition environment through its own unremitting efforts, which has been widely recognized by the society and has achieved good social and economic benefits. The company has won the "Fujian Province, AAA Credit Enterprise", "Fujian Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise", "Fujian Provincial Construction Industry Advanced Enterprise", "Fujian Provincial Construction Industry Advanced Enterprise" for several consecutive years. "Integrity Enterprise in Construction Industry in Fujian Province", "Fuijian Province, the construction of key projects construction advanced unit", "Integrity Enterprise for Labour Security in Law-abiding in Fujian Province", "Advanced Enterprise for Taxation in Quanzhou City", "Quanzhou City Tax Advanced Enterprises","Quanzhou City Taxpayer“ and other honorary titles. The company"s management system is sound. In 2015, the company passed the 1S0 9001: 2008 quality management system certification, the SQl 4001: 2004 environmental management system certification, and the GB/D 28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The above results have benefited from the determination of the management of the company, the concerted efforts of all employees, and the support of the community.